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Monday 8 April 2019

0day Alert: URL Spoofing Bypassed for latest Mint Browser 1.6.4 by Renwa

Yesterday, I published about Mint's 1.6.3 being vulnerable to the same flaw that I reported to Xiaomi, even after Xiaomi pushed a fix on the 5th of April, 2019. The fix could be bypassed with little effort neatly.

In a matter of few hours, my friend Renwa bypassed Xiaomi's Mint's latest patch (on PLAYSTORE release) leading to a new 0day.

Who are affected?

Mi Browser and Mint Browser (upto 1.6.4)


Renwa discovered it and told me about it. This becomes the 2nd zero day discovered in a row in the Mint Browser and Mi Browser. 

Renwa found a bypass to the previous patch by Xiaomi team, by simply adding the target domain name to the phishing domain making it the subdomain of the phishing/attacker's domain. Which proved that Xiaomi's patch was insufficient and above all meaningless. 

But, the same day he came up with a new exploit which makes use of Unprintable Characters to bypass Xiaomi's new security patch in response to yesterday's 0day.


By using Unprintable Characters %e2%80%8c, appended to the URL query parameter.

Video PoC



(Spoofing m.facebook.com above^)

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