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ICSE COUNCIL has notified officialiy that ICSE 2017 results have a high probability of being announced by the end of May or the first week of June 2017.
ICSE EXAM 2017 RESULTS TO ROLL OUT BYBTHE END OF MAY 2017 OR BY THE BEGINNING OF JUNE , INSTEAD. Delay isn't expected and not likely to occur once council recommends the dates .So, it is proper to expect the results to come out later by May, 2017.
Students should rest assured that this time results may shoot up due to the recent spate of spikes in the Marking Scheme as per the council's guidelines.
 Students often panic at the news of results which takes the shape of fits of anxiety similar to those seen just at the commencement of exams .Prior to the date of the announcement of results students are advised to keep their admit cards handy .Admit cards bear the UID or Unique id code generally of a 7 digit scheme for e.g. 65500x , x being any random number , this number is preprinted on the front side of the Admit cards issued to the exam candidate as per the Boards norms .So one should have details of even the smallest personal data linking to the ICSE 2017 exam conducted by the HERE YOU FIND ICSE 2017 EXAMINATION RESULTS .

Have your index no , ready at the time of checking the results for the first time online.Servers might go down due to occassional outage owing to heavy traffic on those days , in such an unforeseen scenario students and parents are advised to stay calm .Results can be obtained from the respective schools as per the Boards procurement guidelines.

To get further detailed summary and information regarding the ICSE EXAMINATIONS OF 2017 PLEASE CONSULT THE BOARD'S OFFICIAL PAGE HERE.

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