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Behind the scenes

  • Meet us!

A. Khan

Security Consultant and researcher, who has helped top companies including Google, Asana, Smartsheet... in fixing the security bugs, mostly critical ones that could have been otherwise exploited by attackers in the wild. Want to schedule a session in discussing about our business prospects? Just leave a message out here and I shall respond to you right away!

Twitter handle - @payloadartist

Kunal Khubchandani

The youngest OSCP in India, Security Researcher 

Kunal has been acknowledged by various companies and large organisations like the popularly used Docker for discovering severe security vulns in their software.

Offerings and Services

We are a seasoned team of dedicated and vetted security professionals with a curated skill set to match your needs and standards to the utmost perfection and of course the fail-safe precision one needs... That alone tells a lot about us...

  • Quick Security Audits and Compliance Assurance

    • Trained team of security professionals!

 Need PCI DSS certification assistance? Seek our consultation 

What more can we do?

Wonder what hackers can do? It's as easy to fire up a terminal and msf to blow your box! This is why you need and you must employ Security Professionals to restrict the damage and assess your infra's risks beforehand. We don't like faceless deals/contracts, so go ahead talk to us, we are always more than enthusiastic to engage in a convo and even give you advice at no cost depending on your scale. Not reached the scale where you aim at? No problem, we can still provide you limited support. [We have proven skills, so don't hesitate to seek our assistance at anytime]

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