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Monday, 13 November 2017

What ultimately happened to Lulzsec group of hackers ? - Pastebin,anonops

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#######  LulzSec Sentencing. Things Said In Court. May 16 2013 #########

Cyber-hackers described as 'an emerging species of international criminals'.


LulzSec members Jake Davis and Ryan Ackroyd get prison sentences - Davis in
young offenders' institution. Al-Bassam suspended sentence.


Judge on Mustafa Al-Bassam:
'your role was to seek out vulnerabilities...you played no role in the SOCA
'I accept you withdrew from LulzSec. I take into account that you were 16 at
the time. In the circumstances the sentence is suspended'.

Al-Bassam gets 20 month sentence suspended for two years and 300 hours unpaid



Judge now on Jake Davis:
'I take into account financial gain was not your motivation. You were aware of
what you were doing'.
'You retained data in a complex powerful hard drive, one of which included 16
virtual machines.'


A Kayla:

Judge on Ackroyd:
'You were a very adept looter. You cut through high levels of security'.
'Your motivation wasn't financial. You abused your learning in computers and
were flattered by the attention you got online'.

Ackroyd gets 30 month custodial sentence. He'll serve half. LulzSec



Judge on Cleary:
'I reject the suggestion that the botnet was unsophisticated...you suggested
SOCA as a target.'
'The losses were substantial even if your motivation was not financial'.
'I have considered ...your diagnosis of Asperger's syndrome. It's clear you did
appreciate the harm being suffered by others ...'

Ryan Cleary gets 32 month sentence. He will serve half.
Ryan Cleary, not a LulzSec member, gets longest sentence of 32 months.
Cleary's sentencing for making indecent images of children will happen at
separate hearing.
No date yet for Ryan Cleary's (Viral) later sentencing for downloading child


Cleary's botnet gave him 'around 100,000' computers to control at any one time
- but the number infected 'may be ten times that'.
Davis 'relied on more skilled LulzSec members to launch attacks'. Ryan Cleary
was not a main member - but owned a sophisticated botnet.
Ryan Ackroyd was the 'most skilled' hacker, along with Mustafa Al-Bassam. Jake
Davis wrote coordinated activities.
Al-Bassam was arrested and a note was found detailing a vulnerability on the
FBI website. He claimed an error screen left a back door open.



LulzSec, by the way, is from 'Lol' and 'Lolz' (laughs) and 'Security'. Hence
their choice of targets.
LulzSec weren't hacking for financial gain, but to attract attention, cause
embarrassment and ridicule security measures.
However, their attacks put private information including CC details online, and
caused hundreds of thousands of pounds to fix.
Ryan Cleary (Viral), Jake Davis (Topiary), Mustafa Al-Bassam (T-Flow) and Ryan
Ackroyd (Kayla) attacked CIA, NHS and Sony.
LulzSec extracted confidential data and published it on Pirate Bay, a website
used for dissemination of stolen data.
LulzSec's cyber-attack on Sony in 2011 stole 24.6 million customer's private
data. PSN offline for days, losing $20 million in revenue.
LulzSec also launched a DDoS attack on the Fox website. The company says
damages amounted to $300,000.
http://Nintendo.com  was also targeted by LulzSec. Al-Bassam described it as
'not a big hack'.
They also took down the Serious Organised Crime Agency site using Distributed
Denial of Service attacks - sending too much traffic at once.
They also hacked News International in July 2011, posting a fake website
carrying a story saying Rupert Murdoch had died.
Ryan Cleary spent five years building a massive botnet; tens of thousands of
zombie computers that he was able to control.
Ryan Cleary hired out the botnet to groups to launch DDoS attacks. He made
'several thousand pounds' per month doing this.
Jake Davis had 750,000 items of stolen data when arrested, including passwords,
addresses and credit card details.
LulzSec ran a Twitter hashtag called 'Fuck FBI Friday'. They released a press
release saying they took control of the site.



Judge Deborah Taylor: ... given your capabilities the risk [of reoffending] is
real and substantial.
'Davis wrote a story about the suicide of Rupert Murdoch in a second attack on
News International ... offences were planned and persistent.'
'The Wipe Out Wednesday attack took down the CIA website. Then you attacked
SOCA in this country with similar results'.
'Nintendo data was extracted and published, and staff user names and passwords
were published from News International'.
'You each played your role during a seven month online campaign...using your
technical abilities to cause catastrophic losses for amusement'
'The name LulzSec encapsulates your desires to cause embarrassment and
disruption, whole keeping your own identities hidden'.


'There is a practise for the US to seek extradition after the conclusion of
proceedings in this country,' says Cleary's QC.
there has been no extradition request to date from America.
The gist is: if the defendant's have been sentences in UK, it could be an abuse
of process to extradite to US. This is hypothetical ...
It 'does not necessarily follow that an extradition request would be made to
that jurisdiction' says prosecution QC.
There is an indictment relating to Jake Davis in America, but no formal
extradition request has been made so far.




Ackroyd went under the online name of Kayla, posing as a 16 year-old girl to
hide his identity.
Ackroyd was described yesterday as a 'talented hacker' who sought
vulnerabilities on websites.
Ackroyd 'was not always a computer whizz. He took a computer GCSE and got only
a D-grade'. He joined army at 19, serving in Iraq
Ackroyd 'taught himself computer coding to beat the games he was playing
online', says his QC.
Ackroyd also served in the Falklands and Canada. He was discharged after five
QC: he found people who wanted to DDoS and hack sites. He said he could work
out how to reverse-engineer websites.
Ackroyd (Kayla) became friends with T-Flow and Topiary, although never met them
in real life, says QC. His role was as a router or hacker.
Ackroyd thought attacks on SOCA and CIA were stupid, and he was not involved in
the DDoS, says his QC.
Ryan Ackroyd's QC says persona 'Kayla' would 'rub salt into the wounds of
victims - by saying it had been done by a 16 year old girl'.
QC: Ackroyd is not a rabid obsessive who's gone out to [commit hacking



Mustafa Al-Bassam QC says he was opposed to 'virulently homophobic' website of
Westboro' Baptist Church in US.
QC: Al-Bassam was not involved on cyber-attack on News International. And tried
to inform CIA of vulnerabilities in its website.
QC: Al-Bassam is a highly intelligent young man, with three university offers.
He hopes to study computer science'
Al-Bassam was a child at the time of the offences, says his QC. He is
'vulnerable to the influence of others'.
QCs for both Jake Davis and Mustafa Al-Bassam have asked for suspended
sentences for their clients so far.
QC says Al-Bassam poses 'no risk of serious offences on the future'.



Defense beginning on behalf of Jake Davis (Topiary) arrested aged 18 in
Shetland in 2011.
David had unstable background, was socially isolated and sought solace in
cyberspace, says QC. Now accepts that was wholly wrong.
Davis has since been involved in London cultural scene, has cowritten a satire
on cyberspace and written article 'My life after Anonymous'.
QC: Jake Davis now has the opportunity to transform himself...a new network of
wise heads to help, and friends with real-world interests.
There are 'concurrent proceedings in the US where an indictment has been laid
over Jake Davis's conduct'. Charges 'congruent' with today's.
That means Jake Davis may be subject to an extradition request from the United
States, on charges of hacking there, in the future.


Ryan Cleary:

Ryan Cleary 'supplied the [botnet] facility, but did not direct where it should
go, nor how it should be used'.
Cleary was 'involved with supplying the device, but not with hacking' says his
The cyber-attack on SOCA 'did not compromise its security or intelligence
capabilities, only disrupted its public websites.'
'...PirateBay,a website used for dissemination of stolen data.' quote from
prosecution QC
Cleary pleaded not guilty to encouraging 'criminals to use stolen data'. That
was accepted by the prosecution at earlier hearing.
Cleary was 'not a core member of [LulzSec] and his activity was sustained but
not sophisticated in all respects' says his QC.
QC: 'he provides the wrecking-ball, but he doesn't decide where the
wrecking-ball swings'. It is 'a simple, blunt object' he says.
Ryan Cleary was 'peripheral' to LulzSec's activities. QC says their prime
purpose was to cause embarrassment rather than financial gain.
Defense case for Cleary is that he never posted, and hasn't been indicted for
posting, any stolen personal data online.
QC: Cleary has significant Aspergers, and that goes a long way to explaining
his behaviour...his obsession with computers and the Internet.
Cleary 'never thought what he was doing on the computer would lead to this',
says his QC.
On arrest, Cleary made full admissions in interviews and gave police passcodes
and passwords, and has been a 'model prisoner' in custody.
Cleary's defense drawing to a close. QC says his primary motivation was
enjoyment - not an 'insidious attack on society'.
There is a 2nd indictment against Ryan Clearly. After his arrest, 46 images of
child pornography were recovered from his computer.
14 images were level 4. 21 were level 3. Being discussed in court now.
Cleary previously admitted downloading child pornography. His QC argues it was
a 'defined incident' and he isn't a 'career sexual pervert'.

<3333 kayla1, tflow, palladium, pwnsauce, topiary, ryan, hammond.
dont give up.

<3 Andrew Plant for coverage

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