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Friday, 5 May 2017

How to file a Complaint with the Indian Cyber Cell ?

Here’s how how I got a solution to this simple Question - How to file a Complaint with the Indian Cyber Cell ?

To lodge a complaint call 1800-11-4000

Very simple in fact and the simplest in comparison to knocking the doors of law firms to help you . I filed a complaint against Paytm Mobile Payments Systems in May , 2017 with this ref . no: 252882 .
Surprisingly , just within one minute hardly spent since after I had sent my complaint to National consumer help line .
I got a resolution from this digital Payments Processor Paytm .
  • It started in a chronological order something like this ,
  • I booked a recharge of Rs. 333 from Paytm basically to give a tutorial to my readers on HOW TO GET BSNL 3GB PER DAY FOR 3 MONTHS AT Rs. 333 OFFER ?
  • Next I didn't receive a recharge credit
  • Instead my payment was converted to an account debit , I lost my money along with the required recharge
  • The customer care replied with a false Reference number and claimed they were speaking 100% sanely that the recharge was done and the same had been confirmed by Telco (BSNL) in my case
  • Calling the Telco I can to know I was scammed and duped by PAYTM !!
  • Next day after receiving similare dishearting replies from CS of Paytm I filed a complaint and registered a complaint in the nearest Cyber Branch Police Station What information is required to lodge a complaint?
  • Next I received a refund in my Paytm wallet forthright !
Tips :
$Telco - Means Telephone Services Provider company in the Networking Jargon
#BSNL- Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited-CUSTOMER VALUE-
Here’s how you reach out to me in case of any doubts -
Feel free to call me on +919475394456 in case of any questions of curiosity arising in my mind in relation with the credibility of my answer I can testify the whole story and experiences.Alternatively , drop in a mail to me at if you have any queries related to this topic


  1. i dont understand . Can you tell the exact number you used to complaint ?

    1. Here's the consumer forum contact number -> 1800-11-4000

  2. Hi Pratishtha , how are you ! Well am sorry for missing out the Helpline number information - look below

  3. So its , 1800114000 , it will be fast and really faster than what you have ever thought of ....
    Thanks and regards ,
    I hope your issue will be solved in no time , in case you find it problematic feel free to give me a buzz or drop in a line

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